There is no better way to add comfort, increase the value and expand the useful enjoyment of your home than with the Durasol SunShelter® Elite awning. This premium quality retractable awning offers you an expertly crafted way to add an attractive and comfortable living space to your home with the turn of a crank or the touch of a button.
   Every SunShelter Elite awning is custom designed and hand crafted to maximize your outdoor living enjoyment while giving you superior protection from the sun. Imagine, with the simple touch of a button, you can make more of your outdoor living, provide shelter from the sun’s harmful rays, reduce energy costs and unfurl an elegant expression of your personal taste and style. What could be more convenient?
   Designed and engineered to be self-supporting and fully retractable when not in use, the SunShelter Elite provides unparalleled performance and is the ultimate exterior shading system available for your home. Warranted for 12 years, this system combines the latest in European design with renowned American craftsmanship. The result is an elegant shading product for those seeking the very best for their home.
   When you seek the very best in a lateral arm retractable shading system, the SunShelter Elite is very simply the finest choice you can make.

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Find out more about Durasol Retractable Awnings. Custom made and professionally installed, a Durasol awning will elegantly expand your comfortable living space into the outdoors. Learn why a Durasol awning is today considered the very best shading solution for your home.

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